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Banksia Montessori School Website. Banksia Montessori School is an independent school located in the friendly suburb of Dianella in Perth. They run a quality driven Montessori program for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Their students are given the opportunity to learn in a nurturing and inviting environment.  Their goal for each child is to realise their unique potential. They provide an enriching environment where our educators are guided by Montessori philosophy and pedagogy. Independence, creativity and mindfulness are encouraged in a non-competitive environment.

Their website was old, slow and difficult for the admin team to update. They wanted a highly visual solution that reflects the school's ethos and learning plus a website that can easily be maintained by the admin team.

Their old website was also not optimised for Google so was very hard to find by prospective parents wishing to send their children to a Montessori school. We fixed that issue with the new website now being found for multiple searches in Google.

A photoshoot was conducted at the school to gain professional imagery of the students in the class room and at play, this provided Pineapple with a bank of great images, plus provided Banksia with a raft of images they can use in the future.

Pineapple is looking forward to a long working relationship with Banksia Montessori School and we are honoured they chose Pineapple to work with them on their new website development.



Banksia Montessori School

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Banksia Montessori School Website Pineapple Planet
Banksia Montessori School Website Pineapple Planet
Banksia Montessori School Website Pineapple Planet


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