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Brabham Primary School a new primary school opening in February 2021 in in the developing suburb of Brabham approached Pineapple to design their new brand, prospectus and website.

An initial prospectus was designed for community consultation, the full prospectus is to be created when the school opens. A new Brand was created to reflect: Learning, Students, Location and Indigenous Heritage. The initial website was also created to enable us to SEO the website for searches for the school name. The complete website will be developed ready for when the school opens.

The result is a modern, highly visual and dynamic design that reflects the school and the direction they are heading in. We are experts in designing this type of document that portrays the school as a whole through the images used. On this occasion the photography existed so we had a great resource of images to use. The brief was to create a design that can be carried through to all other marketing material. There will be art installations throughout the school constructed from triangles which will be highly visual through out the school grounds. They are to be constructed from triangles so we used this element in the design to create a theme.

Our goal is to promote an inclusive and resilient learning community where every child, staff member and family can feel safe and supported.

Brabham Primary School values student engagement and wellbeing. Their inclusive school will have a safe, respectful learning environment which supports the wellbeing of every child to connect, succeed and thrive. They aim to achieve the highest standards for each child regardless of their starting points. Whatever the child’s individual circumstances, they aim to tailor a curriculum to meet their needs; one which facilitates enjoyment in learning and provides opportunities for all. Brabham Primary School encourages all students to play an active and positive role in their communities. Brabham Primary School will ensure all are listened to, all are valued, and encourage and celebrate individual endeavours and achievements.

Pineapple is looking forward to a long working relationship with Brabham Primary School and we are honoured they chose us to create their new brand and all marketing material for the school.



Brabham Primary School

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