Dianella Heights
Business Plan

Dianella Heights Business Plan

Dianella Heights Primary School have been a long standing client of Pineapple Planet for many years, it is testiment to the service we provide, from Branding, Graphic Design, Photography and Web Design.

We recently produced the Dianella Heights Business Plan 2022 - 2025, this included a photoshoot at the school to gain current images that will also be used across all their marketing material and website.

A new fresh design was created to modernise their external look to the community. Even though a document like this is full of technical information we feel there is no reason why this should not look visually appealing too. The result is a beautiful Business Plan that not only conveys the serious nature of the information but also displays the happy students who attend the school, which, combined makes Dianella Heights one of the highest achieveing primary schools in Perth.



Dianella Heights School

Photograhy, Graphic Design

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