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Hillcrest Primary School website. Hillcrest Primary School is proudly an Independent Public School since 2020. Our specialist areas of Sustainability and Media Arts supports our vision of ‘future-focused learning’. As a school without a local intake area, they pride themselves on being the “school of choice” for many families. Enrolments are considered and accepted based on proximity to the school and availability.

Hillcrest came to Pineapple Planet to re-design what was a very old brand logo and create a new and dynamic website that can showcase Hillcrest in the best possible way.

There were elements that we needed to incorporate, all be it in a more creative way. Inclusion, Community, Students and Aboriginal significance of the location which was on a hill traditionally used by the Aboriginal Community in the past. The new website needed to become a resource for the school community and a powerful marketing tool for Hillcrest Primary School.

Pineapple Planet also conducted a photoshoot at the school to achieve dynamic new images of the students and surroundings to allow for visual and engaging imagery on the website and future marketing.

The result is a modern brand that better reflects the school now and for the future and a website that is highly visual and functional whilst being easy to navigate for the community to find out the information they need.

The website is also easy for Hillcrest to manage and maintain internally with Pineapple Planet giving training on how to keep the website up to date.

Pineapple is looking forward to a long working relationship with Hillcrest Primary School and we are honoured they chose us to create their new brand and all marketing material for their school.



Hillcrest Primary School

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